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Tools and Resources
Conducting a Waste Characterization

EcoRewards will work with you to identify valuable commodities that you may be able to recover from your waste disposal. Your company needs to know exactly what your current situation is in order to determine what steps to take to reduce costs and create revenue.

A member of our team can discuss ways you can identify the following:

  • Where and what types of materials are generated
  • Common area needs such as copier rooms and cafes
  • Internal collection needs
  • Exterior service areas and safety concerns


Different types of material generated by your building may be some of these most common types of paper:

  • White copy paper
  • Colored copy paper
  • Multi-part forms (no carbon paper)
  • "Slick" pamphlets/brochures
  • Computer print out paper
  • Newspaper
  • Telephone books
  • Other (specify)

A member of our Team will then work with you to determine the best approach to identifying costs and savings benefits of starting an office recycling program.

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