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What equipment options are available?
We employ 8 yard & 10 yard front-end containers, 30 yard & 40 yard roll-off compactor and hard top containers, and balers. EcoRewards Commercial Recycling can provide all of the equipment including the desk-side 7 gallon bins needed as part of any recycling solution.

What materials can EcoRewards help us recycle?
EcoRewards has the ability to recycle any type of paper and cardboard in every market we service. In select markets such as greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and the greater Phoenix area, we have the opportunity to recycle plastic bottles, and steel & aluminum cans as well.

How big is an 8 yard recycling container?
Our 8 yard recycling containers are approximately 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep by 6 feet tall.
What service schedules are available for the container pickups?
EcoRewards offers several schedules to meet your exact needs. We offer call-in, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly pickup services.

How does EcoRewards know how much material we are recycling?
Unlike most recyclers who use simple weight averages per pickup, Each EcoRewards FEL truck is equipped with an on-board scale that weighs each container we service.

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